About Us

Cary Area EMS


Cary Area EMS is a non-profit contracted agency as a part of the Wake County EMS system. We currently staff five paramedic level ambulances, three of them 24 hours a day and two peak-load truck 12 hours a day. This occurs 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Two ambulances operate out of our main station, one truck from Cary Fire Station #5, one truck out of Morrisville Fire Station 2, and one truck from Cary Fire Station #8.

Our peak-load ambulances are available assets in Wake County, and primarily service the Cary area. Our workforce includes full-time, casual-time, and volunteer staff. Cary Area EMS prides itself on having the best staff, great equipment, and a very competitive benefits package for its full-time employees.

Many of our full-time staff began as volunteers and were hired on when they decided to pursue a career in EMS. Additionally, several of our members have been with us for greater than 15 years, and even some for 20 years and beyond, demonstrating our commitment to employee satisfaction and retention.