Staff, Volunteers, and Board

Staff and Volunteers

We have over 40 full-time employees field personnel and 2 administrative staff members including our Chief. Cary EMS prides itself on having the best staff, great equipment, and a very competitive benefits package for its full-time employees.  Many of our full-time staff began as volunteers and were hired on when they decided to pursue a career in EMS.  Additionally, several of our members have been with us for greater than 10 years, and even some for 20 years and beyond, demonstrating our commitment to employee satisfaction and retention.

Board of Directors

Cary EMS is governed by a 10 member board of directors comprised of members of the community and members from the agency. This group meets on a monthly basis to help provide direction for the organization.


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  1. I want you guys to know that today Patricia Meyerhofer assisted me right after a car accident on High House Road. She was awesome, made sure that I was safe and sitting in a safe place, and hugged me the whole time we waited for an ambulance to show up. Thank you Tricia!!! The paramedic team who got me to the hospital was also great! You all are the best! Thank you so much for being so professional, compassionate, and wonderful!