Our observer program is suspended until further notice due to COVID-19.

You are welcome to come and ride along as an observer, up to twice a month, between the hours of 7a-11p any day of the week. Although you cannot do any patient care when functioning as an observer, this is a great way to meet folks, ask questions, and see how things work at Cary Area EMS. It also helps us put a name with a face when it is time for the membership to vote on your application, should you decide to apply. Before you fill out the interest form below, think about  a few dates and times you are available as our schedule stays pretty full.

  • EMS 50 – 24 hour unit very busy. Located at Cary Area EMS, 107 Medcon Court in Cary.
  • EMS 51 – 24 hour unit less busy. Located at Cary Fire Station 5 in Cary.
  • EMS 52 – 24 hour unit less busy. Located at Morrisville Fire Station 2 in Morrisville. .
  • EMS 58 – Peak load unit from 0830-2030. Located Cary Fire Station 8 in Cary.
  • EMS 59 – Peak load unit very busy from 0930-2130. Located at Cary Area EMS, 107 Medcon Court in Cary.
Important Information 
  • Have dates in mind that you would like to ride before you contact us.
  • Minimum age to ride is 16, with parental/legal guardian consent (until age 18).
  • A consent form is required to be signed the day you ride. If you are under the age of 18 a parent must come with you the day you ride to sign the form.
  • Hours available to ride are from 7a-11p each day. We do not accommodate overnight time periods. It is not an expectation that you ride the entire time period though.
  • You must wear dark pants (no shorts), a solid color button down or polo shirt (no t-shirts, or anything with a logo), and comfortable closed toe shoes.
  • We also recommend that you are up to date on all vaccinations. If you are sick the day you are scheduled to ride we would advise coming another day.
  • Once you are contacted by one of our staff we will sign you up on our calendar. A contact phone number is required as well, in case something changes and we cannot accommodate your request to ride. If this is the case one of our staff would call to let you know to reschedule.