Cary EMS Pink TshirtWelcome to the prospective volunteer section! Cary Area EMS currently has five 911 ambulances in service, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. We staff our ambulances with full-time, casual-time, and volunteer members. In order to apply to volunteer, you must first have a current EMT certification.

Volunteering in EMS is an exciting way to gain experience if you are considering a career in EMS, or anywhere else in the health field. Cary Area EMS responds to over 10,000 calls for service per year, and sees a wide variety of patients and situations. Volunteers are expected to uphold the same guidelines, policies, and procedures as paid staff, and it would be difficult to tell a volunteer from a paid staff member.

If you have your EMT certification, you can fill out an applicationAlong with a completed application, you will need to provide a copy of your EMT certification. Once we have that information, there will be an informal interview where we make sure that you understand the time commitment involved with volunteering for Cary, the environment of Cary EMS, and give you a chance to ask any questions you may have.

In the meantime, here is more information about the application process:

  • Turn in an application which includes a copy of your certification and driving record.
  • Informal interview and question opportunity.
  • After the interview, if the application is approved the applicant will go through an orientation. During the orientation, applicants will be given a training packet, uniform, a detailed tour of the building, and will be instructed on how to sign up to ride, and what to expect when they start to ride.
  • It typically takes a new person about 6-8 months to complete the training packet. The applicant will be responsible for getting checked off on skills and will be evaluated by volunteer and paid staff during that time.

As far as time requirements, as a new person, you make your own schedule but should be riding at least one 12-hour shift a week. The more you are able to ride, the faster you will complete the training. Once you move from “3rd Person” status to “2nd Person” status, where you will be on a truck with a paramedic partner, you will be responsible for 5 shifts a month, at least one of which needs to be a weekend shift.

In addition to your shifts, you should attend our meetings (staff and business) and training meetings (second Monday night of each month). The total number of hours, including meetings, ends up being approximately 65 hours a month.

In the meantime, you can be working on obtaining your Hepatitis B vaccination or records. If you have not had the vaccination series, you can get it through your personal physician, or we can get you a letter to start the process through the Wake County Health Department. 

Apply Now

If you have any questions about volunteering, please contact:

Christian Heinrich, Division Chief, Cary Area EMS
(919) 380-6909