Special Events

Cary Area EMS handles over 85 special events every year. Our Special Events program is designed to handle responses at large events such as Cary’s Lazy Days Festival, SAS Senior PGA golf tournament, Fourth of July festivities, various triathlons and marathons, and high school football games to name just a few.

Depending on the event there will likely be an hourly charge for personnel and vehicles. Fees are as follows:

  • $160 – Ambulance (2 staff)
  • $129 – Bike Team (2 staff)
  • $93 – Venue Foot Team (2 staff) 
  • $129 – EMS Cart Team (2 staff)
  • $72 – Supervisor or single staff coverage

Organizers should anticipate a 3% rate increase each July 1.

When we receive your request we will determine the type of staffing necessary based on availability and response. The personnel needed and the details of the event will determine if there is a charge.  We also bill for one hour prior to your requested time as our staff are required to check off equipment. The end time for billing purposes will be when you release our personnel from the event.

Special Event Request Form

This form is only for events that you would like to possibly have an ambulance and/or bike team. If you are just looking for someone to speak with your group, please visit our Community Outreach page.

One of our staff will be in touch with you either via email or phone to confirm your request and discuss logistics. If it is less than 5 calendar days from the day/time of your event please do not submit your request online. It is very unlikely we will even be able to assist with coverage given the amount of time it takes to coordinate staffing and equipment.