Special Events

Cary Area EMS provides special event coverage as a part of the Wake County EMS System. All events are now scheduled through Centralized Special Event Coordination. This allows for the most efficient and coordinated response in the county while still allowing for dedicated 911 service.

Depending on the event there will be an hourly charge for personnel and vehicles. Fees are as follows:

  • $160 – Ambulance (2 staff)
  • $129 – Bike Team (2 staff)
  • $93 – Venue Foot Team (2 staff) 
  • $129 – EMS Cart Team (2 staff)
  • $72 – Supervisor or single staff coverage

Organizers should anticipate a 3% rate increase each July 1.

Click here to submit your special event request form.

This form is only for events that you would like to possibly have an ambulance, bike/cart team, venue team, and/or supervisor. If you are just looking for someone to speak with your group, please visit our Community Outreach page.

Someone from the special events coordination office will be in touch with you either via email or phone to confirm your request and discuss logistics. All requests need to be submitted at least two weeks prior to the date of requested service. There are no guarantees for coverage availability.